‘78 Llamas Hemp Seeds


Grow your own hemp! Each seed pack contains 5 feminized seeds from one of our own East Fork Cultivars exclusive varieties.

Built in part on Colombian landrace varieties, ‘78 Llamas is an ode to a simpler time. Expect spiraled, dense, sweet-smelling flowers and a later fall finish.

  • Growing instructions included.
  • Store seed in a cool, dry place.
  • Best planted by 2022.

Parentage: Harle Tsu x OG 78

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Planting Location Seed Depth Seed Spacing Type
Direct Sunlight 1” 4–5’ Annual
Hardiness Zones Germination Rate Days to Germinate
6A-10A 90% 2–3


Exclusive seed from East Fork Cultivars
Takilma, Oregon

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